Grease Trap Treatment

Restaurant and commercial kitchens produce a lot of waste grease which is present in the drain lines from the various sinks dishwashers and cooking equipment such as ovens. If not removed, the grease will accumulate within the sewer and cause blockages. Our grease trap treatment is a fast and efficient service to clear greases and sludge level in the grease trap visibly go down within hours.

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Degreasing

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Degreasing is the procedure of removing oil that has accumulated in pipes, Kitchen Exhaust Hood, Grease Filters, Ducting, Fan and Exhaust Outlet of commercial kitchens. Accumulation of oil and grease can cause fire to spread easily throughout the building. It is recommended to have a complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning and degreasing done every 6 months.